Why have a wedding when you can throw a music festival?

The background photo on this page is from the big Metallica show at the ACL Music Fest on October 13, 2018. So how did we get here?

Your Hitchfest organizers, Erik and Laurie, had already seen Metallica the weekend before and had a very good time in the mosh pit. But Laurie decided it might be fun to go to Weekend Two just for Metallica — again — but to bring her son Colton to his first heavy metal festival show. Heck yeah!

The week in between, Erik entered to win Snake Pit passes for the Metallica show. For those not in-the-know, the Snake Pit is the area in front of the stage surrounded by a "V" catwalk in which the band can run down and perform on. So, the Snake Pit is like being in the middle of the stage, on the ground as the titans of metal thrash above you. Erik figured that he'd never get chosen for the Snake Pit considering the thousands of requests that the Met Club gets for them online. But the Wednesday before the show, he got an email announcing that he had been chosen! After Erik cleared the tears from his eyes, he figured that this would be the most metal setting ever for a marriage proposal, a scene that might not happen again.


So with three days planning, Erik, Laurie, and Colton entered the Snake Pit as Disturbed was opening for Metallica and a most epic day unfolded. Not only did Colton get to shake the hands of all four Metallica members and get some rad guitar picks, but after the final encore, Erik asked Laurie to get hitched. Which brings us to Hitchfest and the best Metallica tribute band in America. Because why have a boring wedding when you can throw a music festival and really have some fun?

Erik and Laurie will get hitched right before ONE- The Only Tribute to Metallica performs.