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Backroads,  Beer Joints, BBQ

                                         ...and more

It's time to get out of the city and onto the back roads!


Your tour guides Erik and Laurie were born and raised in the rural areas east of Austin, and they know every watering hole, beer joint, dive bar, small-town festival, dance hall, and barbecue shack in the area. And now, they want you to come out and explore these places with them!

Tours depart Austin at Cavender's Boot City on South Lamar and head in the direction listed for that day. Your ride is a large, 15-passenger van with plenty of room to stretch out and store a cooler. Once we get out into the country, expect stops at places you have never seen before, and those that you thought died out 30 years ago. 

All tours come with an added value attached to your ticket, which could be rounds of beverages to a barbecue lunch. The goal is to get out out of the city and into a slower, more easy mindset, even if just for a day. 


About Us

Some of you may have been on our popular dance hall tours which we have been hosting for a couple of years. These backroads tours open up new areas to explore, not just focused on a singular genre or style. While we may visit a dance hall every now and then, our objective here is to visit all the places we've missed in the past: beer joints, breweries, wineries, picnics, small-town festivals, and more. We look forward to building upon what we have learned on our previous tours and deliver an immersive experience not available anywhere else in Texas.

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