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It'll be a late night on the Prairie. Might as well stay a little longer.


Bring a tent or a camper and stretch out under the stars at Snake Prairie. Please remember to pick up anything and everything you bring and pay no attention to the cows.

• GENERAL CAMPSITES: Free. Put up a tent by your vehicle or pull up in a camper. All campers or RVs must be self-contained.


• Please pick up after yourselves. Your mother doesn't live here and will not clean up your mess. This is our home — along with the critters — and we'd enjoy it if you treated it as you'd treat your own place. 

• Cattle roam across the fence. They are nice, but you shouldn't approach them for a selfie. They aren't tame and don't much care for people. Take a look and let them be.  

• Bring bug repellant and ant spray. Kill all the ants you need to. 

• Please wear shoes out there. It's not a park and there are things that will poke you. 


• No open fires. It's likely to be hot, and there might be a burn ban. If that changes, we'll let you know. 

• No dogs. Pets aren't allowed at Hitchfest, not even at your campsite or camper. 

• Please be mindful of property boundaries. Our neighbors are nice, but they don't want you wandering over to say hello. Please follow the signs and do not cross any barbed-wire fences.

• Again, please take all of your camp trash with you. Leave no trace. Don't be a slob.

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