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ONE... The Only Tribute to Metallica, was established in 2008 in their hometown of Minneapolis. These four horsemen have expanded from the Twin Cities and brought North America an amazing national level touring tribute to the biggest hard rock and heavy metal band of all time.

Unlike the other Metallica tribute and cover bands, ONE focuses explicitly on the audio and visual aspects of a LIVE Metallica show. Their catalog consists of over 60 songs from their early garage band days up to the legends that they are today. ONE's stage show is a memorable one that fans will remember from the 80's and 90's. Theatrical thrills that have been encompassed into a full arsenal of pyrotechnics, stage props, and some rare early days memorabilia and signature instruments will keep fans coming back for more. 

This is not your average tribute band. ONE has played with many large national acts on a number of festival and amphitheater stages. Members of ONE have not only worked as part of the crew, but have also been fortunate enough to jam with Metallica on their main stage!

It's time you experience ONE once and for all - and the rest will be history!

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10 p.m.

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8:30 p.m.

Sean Orr &

Texas Gold

Who is Sean Orr? 

A. Sean is a fiddler, singer and seventh generation Texan who fronts "Texas Gold" specializing in Texas style country music including but not limited to: Texas and western swing, honky tonk, Cajun and old time fiddle tunes. 
B. Sean is a fiddler and singer who fronts two different Celtic bands. They are fiddle and percussion driven powerhouses.
C. Sean is a journeyman fiddler who can adapt to just about any setting including all the above plus jazz, world (Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Latin), Americana, rock, pop, heavy metal, and more. 
D. A novice bodhran and oud player.

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Kady Rain

A vibrant and vivacious superstar in the making, Kady Rain is on a mission to put Austin on the map as a pop metropolis. Though Kady pursued music from an early age, it became an all-consuming passion in 2014 after an abusive relationship almost cost her her life. Kady refused to let that experience get the best of her and she channeled her newly reinvigorated appreciation for life into her art and hoped her transformation and perseverance both personally and artistically would serve as inspiration for others. With a knack for crafting lyrics and melodies that are irresistibly charming and sharp in equal measure, Kady Rain's music is the kind of pop that you don't mind having stuck in your head indefinitely, and her outrageous stage presence and rainbow aesthetic have made her a consistent live draw in Austin and beyond. Kady Rain's sonic diversity, from woeful ballads detailing her tumultuous past to party bangers that everyone can't help but sing along to, has allowed her to find fans across the musical spectrum, and her skill at connecting to listeners by being so open about her own narrative ensures they stick around. As a result, Kady Rain's debut EP, All I Ever Wanted, led to Wolf in a Suit naming her one of the Top Five New Indie Queen's of Music with both Ovrld and likewise heralding her as "Austin's next megastar." In 2018, NPR followed suit, proclaiming Kady's single "R.A.D. Moves" as their song of the summer for 2018. With some exciting collaborations and festival appearances on the horizon, 2019 is only going to be bigger and bolder for Austin's queen of pop.

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6 p.m.


Transit Method is a dynamic heavy rock trio from Austin by way of N.J. that brings together the complexities of progressive rock with the unrefined grit of grunge. The group’s adventurous compositions are soaked with power vocals, sharp riffs, fiery guitar leads, galloping bass and bombastic drumming. They made their name known with the release of "Celebrate Mutations" in 2014. A music video was released for "Artificial Genesis" and songs like "Radioface" and "Root Rot" became live staples. In 2016, they released their second EP "Roach" on Basement Avatar Records and embarked on a summer tour of the South.

In 2017, the band signed with Brutal Panda Records and released their first full length LP "We Won't Get Out Of Here Alive" in August of that year. Music videos were released for singles "Snake Wine" and "Parasight". The band promoted the album with a tour of the West Coast in the Fall of 2017 and East Coast in summer of 2018. 

Transit Method has been described as a "powerfully epic combination of punk, metal, and dynamic vocals calling to mind some of the more truly epic moments of Jane's Addiction's 'Ritual de lo Habitual'" by The Austin Chronicle dubbed "We Won't Get Out Of Here Alive" one of their Top 10 albums of 2017, and "Snake Wine" was rated the #1 song out of 100 on Australian's Undiscovered Rock Radio. 

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Plus music in between sets and a dance afterparty with

DJ Jon Bovi

spinning the hits.

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