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Adhering to these requests will make everyone's day easier.


• No dogs.

• Please keep the festival site, parking areas, and campsites clean. When inside the festival gates, please use the trash and recycling bins provided. When camping, please take ALL of your trash with you. Leave no trace. The cattle will appreciate it.

• No outside food allowed into the festival gates.

• The festival is BYOB, thus coolers will be allowed into the festival gates. However, we request no glass bottles be brought in. Coolers will be opened to check for glass bottles or food. (Glass bottles are harder to dispose of, and we have an on-site food vendor that would love your business. Help us out!)

• Smoking will be tolerated, but please do not throw your butts on the ground. Use a can to dispose of those things properly. 

• Please don't climb in the trees, they are for shade and bird nests. If you bring a kid, please let them know this.

• No open ground fires at campsites. 

• Please follow the signs when parking. There is one entrance and one exit. Let's keep it flowing.

• Please respect fences and property boundaries. If there's a fence or a barrier, don't cross it.


• Festival admission is cash only.

• Please wear shoes. Even though we try hard to keep the festival grounds clean and manicured, there are things that poke and critters that might bite. It's the country, so plan accordingly.

• Chairs, blankets, and shade structures are allowed at designated areas within the festival gates. Get comfy!

• Bring a reusable water bottle. There are FREE WATER refilling sites at the festival. We want you to stay hydrated and respectful of the environment. Single-use water bottles only create waste and more for us to haul off.

• Bring mosquito repellant or bug spray. It is the country....

• Yes, it's called Snake Prairie for a reason. We relocate all snakes we see (there really aren't that many), and those we find don't want anything to do with humans. However, one might decide to visit, so you need to keep your eyes open. Again, shoes are good! 

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